Where can I take my eLECTRIC Bike?

In the UK, anywhere you can take a normal bike, you can also take an E-Bike. This means, roads, trail centres & bridle paths as well as certain footpaths. [See our added section on MTB access in the UK- “Trails for Wales” & “Do The Ride Thing”] With a motor backing you up you’ll probably find you can go to more places than before.

Can I buy an eBike on a Cycle to Work scheme?

Absolutely! You used to be limited to £1000 when buying through a cycle to work scheme, but since June 2019 this limit has been removed and placed at the discretion of your employer. So as long the agreed limit with your employer covers it you can get a wide range of electric bikes.

How much does an ELECTRIC Bike weigh?

It can’t be dismissed that yes, E-Bikes are heavier than their conventional siblings. This absolutely depends on the type of bike, and always the more you pay the lighter the bike usually gets. 

Here are some rough guides:

Bike Type
Weight (kg)

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