Is an electric bike right for me?

If you love cycling there’s a good chance an e-bike will be right for you! Many people see e-bikes as cheating, but that’s simply not the case. The freedom and enjoyment you’ll get from an e-bike is just the same, if not better, than a traditional ‘analogue’ bike.

Do you commute to work and what to get there feeling fresh? Or are you a mountain biker enjoying the descents more than suffering up the climbs? Perhaps you live in a hilly area or simply want to get out and ride with friends and family who are fitter than you? You could even be a Deliveroo/Just Eat courier wanting to fit more deliveries in. An ebike could very much be the ideal fit for you.

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, an E-bike is right for you:

How electric bikes enhance any type of riding

Electric hybrid bikes:
Perfect for leisure rides, shopping or commuting. These are the swiss-army knives of the e-bike world. They will take the strain out of the hills and they are perfect if you want to keep up with friends and family who are fitter than you.

Electric mountain bikes:
Often more capable than traditional mountain bikes, allow you to have more fun. Take the slog out of the climbs and do more runs in a day. Ride with a faster group of friends. Or ditch the van and ride to your favorite local spot, have some fun and still have the energy to ride back.

Electric road bikes:
Ideal if you want to smash out the miles on the road, ride out with a fitter or faster group of riders, or take the strain out of those really hilly routes. Perfect if  you are a casual rider who wants to ride out with a group of friends who are avid cyclists. Or if you find yourself struggling at the back of the pack and are thinking of stopping riding with your usual group of friends.

Folding e-bikes:
Great for commuting by train, motorhomes or if you have limited storage. Take the strain out of the commute and arrive at work feeling fresh not sweaty. Perfect if your place of work doesn’t have shower facilities for you to get changed in.

Electric cargo bikes:
A greener alternative for those local trips to the shops, camping trips or simply going on an adventure. Built for purpose, rugged and capable.

Electric trikes & other adaptive bikes for Disabled cyclists:
Affording greater freedom and independence.

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