Cubes awesome Ebike range

Cubes awesome Ebike range

Cubes awesome Ebike range

Whether you’re a roadie, trail-blazer or seasoned commuter, I think we can all agree that e-bikes are pretty darn cool. They’ve come a long way from being that niche, left-field form of cycling, so far even that they’re now starting to infiltrate the ranks of every pedal-powered discipline.

Joining the e-bike revolution with multiple models in multiple different cycling disciplines, is Cube. Here are just some of the many models we offer online and in our stores…

Go further, go faster

Two key things we roadies are always keen to improve on are our speed and stamina – you can never quite have enough of both. Sure, we could train our bodies to the super-human levels of Grand Tour contenders like Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas, or we could just grab an e-bike and keep up with both of them without having to break a sweat.

Cube’s Agree Hybrid C:62 SL Disc looks and rides just like a road bike, but with a super charged motor and long-lasting battery, it’s anything but. With Shimano Ultegra transmission, a super-light carbon frame and hydraulic disc brakes, this is very much a super bike. Add the powerful Evation motor and battery and you’re left with a machine that’s specifically designed to crush any col you can throw at it. Alpe d’Huez? This bike will eat it for breakfast.

Road riding isn’t just about flying super-fast up mountains though. Indeed, if you’re a cycle tourist on a multi-day adventure, this probably isn’t the best idea – slow and steady wins the touring race. Cube’s range of touring hybrids are ideal adventure companions; comfortable and relaxed geometry coupled with a long-lasting battery means you can stay seated on the saddle for a whole lot longer, covering a lot more ground in a single day.

Nothing’s too steep

Shredding trails and adventuring cross-country is great, until you come across a hellishly steep climb that is. Lugging your bike up muddy banks can soon become the bane of off-road riding, turning a fun day on the trails into a tiresome and tedious test.

With an e-bike you can conquer these climbs with ease and reward yourself with the thrilling descent on the other side. Cube’s e-MTBs are some of the best we’ve seen, and their top of the range Cube Stereo certainly looks like the ultimate all-mountain bike. Bump-eating suspension, grippy hydraulic disc brakes and a powerful motor marry together to create the ultimate trail riding experience. Neat added features, like the Fox dropper post, only add to the fun that this e-MTB provides.

The Cube Reaction and Cube Access models are also designed for off-road riding. These hardtails are ideal for cross-country trekking with their long-life batteries, comfy geometries and durable components. They’re also incredibly affordable and part of Cube’s entry-level MTB range.

Budget buys

A lot of e-bikes are notorious for being ‘over-budget’ and too expensive, however, these Cube Acid Hybrid bikes are anything but. They’re the perfect choice for those of you looking to get into e-bikes, both with respect to their price and the fact that they’re designed to be ridden across all manner of terrain.

Whether on your commute or the local trails, the Cube Acid is a blast to ride and will no doubt give you the e-bike riding bug.

These are just a few of the awesome e-bikes that we stock from Cube. To view the rest of their models and our entire e-bike range, click here. If you’re not quite sold on e-bikes yet, why not head down to our store and try one out for yourself, we’d be more than happy to size you up.

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