Keeping fit on the trails

Keeping fit on the trails

Keeping fit on the trails

It’s more important than ever to keep fit, healthy and active. Mountain biking is of course a great way of doing all this because of the MTB’s versatility and your proximity to nature as you pedal. In this blog we take a look at the trail-smashing options we have in stock, their best use and our home training solutions too. So, follow government guidelines and whether you can get out or not, the trails are always waiting, so use this as a bit of research for future plans.


Hardtail MTBs are your perfect all-rounders, ideal when you need a machine for both rough and smooth terrain. They are great fitness bikes too with plenty of gears for all-day outdoor pursuits, wonderfully capable both on and off road, and with nimble handling for tricky trails. If you want a bike for all your everyday fitness needs, a hardtail MTB is your best option.

We’ve got plenty of traditional hardtail bikes from a range of manufacturers, but for a combination of the efficiency of hardtails and the control of full suspension, look no further than the game-changing Trek Supercaliber. This XC superstar features the futureproof IsoStrut, an innovation in speed.

Full suspension

Full suspension MTBs are the perfect partner for any enduro or downhill rider. These bikes have all the mod cons to take on some of the most gnarly terrains. Front and rear suspension, plenty of travel, shocks, hydraulic disc brakes and dropper seatposts, riding a full-sus MTB is some of the most fun you can hope to have on two wheels.

Let a motor do the hard work

You know by now that here at Bicycle Chain, we love e-MTBs. They are perfect for keeping fit too. The power assistance means you can stay out on your bike for longer and go further too. It takes the sting out of climbing and lets you have fun on the trails on the other side. To find out more about these bikes check out our article on the e-MTB sector here.

Indoor trainers

If you are resigned to the confines of your own home, a great way to keep fit is by using a smart trainer. These brilliant gadgets sync up to an application like Zwift, which makes indoor training far more interesting. The smart trainer replicates your chosen ride and modulates the resistance in response. So, if you’re on a steep climb in the virtual world, your smart trainer will recreate that gradient by providing greater resistance. It truly is uncanny.

Online cycling training programs like Zwift allow you to interact, train and compete in a virtual world, and also offers training plans to follow. This isn’t just a case of riding around in a game, warm-ups are included, as well as full workout sessions, group rides and even races. With plenty of opportunities for community interaction, an online cycling program is your best bet for training during social distancing. The program also gives you tons of output data relating to your cycling so you can be consistent across all your metrics.

Indoor accessories

We also have a wide array of accessories to go with your smart trainer. Any type of cycling is sweaty work but training indoors is especially so. Protect your flooring from damage with a mat, and your bike from your own sweat with a towel or bike-specific safety net. As well as provisions to make your indoor training operation as clean as possible, we also stock stands and attachments for your tablets.

The trails are calling. To see all the gear mentioned in this post, come in to one of our stores or see what we have in stock through our website. Finally, if you’re getting out on the trails this weekend, stay safe, stay fit and continue to support your local stores.

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