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Whether you're transporting a cooler of refreshments, a toolbox full of essentials, or your little grand champions, Tern's Sidekick Wide Decks are your optimal solution. Specially crafted to extend the GSD's integrated lower decks to a wider 12 cm, these add-ons provide both increased foot comfort for passengers and additional peace of mind for riders.

Each Sidekick Wide Deck is robust enough to hold up to 35 kg — that's a total support of 70 kg for both Decks. They are an excellent choice for cargo-stowing, keeping your load low to the ground for improved handling and stability. With the Sidekick Wide Decks, carrying heavy, uneven cargo becomes something you can handle with ease.

Key Features

  • Designed to support up to 35 kg per deck (70 kg in total)
  • Extends GSD's rear deck to a comfortable 12 cm width
  • Keeps heavy cargo low to the ground for improved handling and stability
  • Offers additional support to fully loaded Cargo Hold 37 and Cargo Hold 52 Panniers
  • Strategically slotted openings allow for easy strapping of bulky cargo
  • Can be combined with the Captain?s Chair or Clubhouse+ to vertically carry long items like fishing rods or gardening tools
  • Made from corrosion-resistant aluminum for long-lasting durability
  • Easy and hassle-free installation


The Sidekick Wide Decks are compatible with the GSD Gen 2 and works well with Cargo Hold 52 Panniers, Cargo Hold 37 Panniers, Kontti Basket, and Bucketload Pannier.

Ready to upgrade your ride? Give the Tern Sidekick Wide Decks a go and start enjoying the benefits of stress-free, extra comfortable bike transportation!

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