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Bike Fitting is the process of measured adjustment of your bicycle’s contact points by a trained and qualified fitter using a set system of steps in order to achieve optimum comfort and efficiency for the rider of that bicycle. The bike fit offered at The Bicycle Chain is a comprehensive service combining Retül measuring equipment and computer software (Retül design and manufacture super accurate fitting tools — both hardware and software), combined with Dr. Andy Pruitt’s Body Geometry bike fitting process which consists of multiple steps carried out to ensure the rider’s bicycle is adjusted to suit his or her intended style, distance, and intensity of riding.

The cost of our Retül Bike Fitting is £229 for standard drop bar road, hybrid, or mountain bikes, and £299 for aero time trial or triathlon machines. We ask you to allow half a day for our £229 bike fits and a little more than half a day for £299 aero fits.

A triathlon fit on a drop bar road bike with aero extensions will usually count as a £229 drop bar road. Please call and speak with our fitter if you have any questions about what you require.

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