Why We Price Match

We always aim to be clear and competitive in the way we do business. We strive to offer value for money, we have knowledgeable friendly staff and the best quality products we can source, at price points that suit our customer’s needs.

We strongly believe that customers are better shopping locally, it helps support the local economy and provides local employment. We are part of the community, we value our reputation as ‘word of mouth’ recommendations are a huge source of new customers.

That said, we do not want to see you disadvantaged by choosing to shop with us and we recognise that modern communication methods are changing the way many items are offered for sale. With this in mind we agree to match any UK based competitors deal where the item concerned meets the following criteria:

Where the item does not match our criteria we will do our very best to be competitive in terms of price, quality and service. To find out more please contact a member of staff who will, as always, be happy to help. We reserve the right to decline the price promise at our own discretion.

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