One of our core values as a business is to become leading experts within our industry, renowned for the quality of servicing we offer. We are continually investing in training our mechanics to the highest possible standards. Our mechanics are at the top of their game and ready to help you with all of your bicycle servicing needs.

We service all makes, models and types of bikes. All prices exclude the cost of any parts required.


Call your nearest store to discuss the work your bike needs and we will help you select the perfect service plan.

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Bronze Service £55

  • We carry out a full safety inspection.
  • Tune the brakes and gears.
  • True the wheels.
  • Adjust any headset play.
  • Inspect and lubricate the chain.
  • Inflate your tyres to the correct pressure.

Silver Service £99

Includes the “Bronze Service” plus:

  • Precision wheel true in a jig.
  • Remove, degrease and lubricate your drivetrain and shifting mechanisms.
  • Includes free fitting of cables, pads and drivetrain components.

Gold Service £299

Includes the “Silver Service” plus:

  • Strip the bike to the frame and clean using a pro cleaner.
  • Service the wheel hubs.
  • Inspect and service or replace your headset and bottom bracket.
  • Brake bleed depending on your bikes needs.
  • Includes cleaning of the calipers / rotors.

Electric Bike Servicing

In addition to the above Silver and Gold services we carry out the following tasks where possible:

Update firmware, run diagnostics software, clean / reseal connections, apply corrosion block and charge your battery.

We service all makes of e-bike / motor that we sell.

Silver Service £135  - Gold Service £339

Ultimate Brake £69

If you just need a brake service this is the ultimate value option:

  • We clean your brakes and rotors.
  • Bleed your brakes
  • Tune your brakes.
  • Includes free fitting of brake pads.

Ultimate Gear £69

If you are having gear issues on an otherwise perfect bike then this could be the option for you:

  • Remove, degrease and lubricate your drivetrain and shifting mechanisms.
  • Tune your gears.
  • Includes free fitting of cables and drivetrain components.

Suspension From £33

We offer a wide range of suspension servicing, we have listed the most common below:

  • Fork lower leg service - £33
  • Shock basic air can service - £22
  • Replace frame bearings from £132

Individual Services

We also offer a host of individual service jobs from fixing a puncture through to custom bike builds and everything in between.

We have included some of the most popular for you below.

If you do not see the job you require in the lists below then please call your nearest store to discuss your needs.

Walk In Jobs

In most cases we are able to carry out these jobs on the spot, depending on parts availability and workshop demand.

  • Puncture repair - from £10
  • Fit new tyre - from £10
  • Fit brake pads - from £16.5
  • Fit new cable - from £22
  • Small accessory fitting - from £5.5

Common Fixes

  • Wheel true - from £16.5
  • Fit spoke and true wheel - from £16.5
  • Tubeless conversion - £16.5 to £22
  • Brake service ( single ) - from £16.5
  • Gear service - from £16.5
  • Brake bleed ( single ) - £33
  • Hub service - from £33
  • Bottom bracket service - from £33
  • Headset service - from £33

Individual Jobs

  • Wheel build - from £82.5
  • Crash inspection report - from £49.5
  • Bottle cage boss repair - £33 for the first boss then £16.5 for every additional boss
  • Build a kids bike / BMX - £49.5
  • Build a road / MTB / hybrid bike - from £66
  • Fit dropper post - £33 external £44 internal
  • Fit hydraulic brake lever - from £38.5
  • Electric motor replace - from £66

Full safety inspection
Nuts and bolts checked
Parts inspected for wear and damage
Wheels checked for true
Tyres inflated to correct pressure
Headset play adjusted
Chain wear checked
Chain lubricated
Brakes tuned
Gears tuned
Minor wheel true in bike
Wheels trued in jig
Cable fitting included
Brake pad fitting included
Wheel hub play adjusted
Drive chain removed and degreased
Free fitting of drive chain components
Shifting mechanisms degreased
Bike cleaned with pro cleaner
Bike stripped to bare frame
Wheel hubs stripped and cleaned
Free headset fitting / cleaning
Free bottom bracket fitting
Brakes cleaned
Brake rotors removed and cleaned
Hydraulic brake bleed

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