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The CG24 Chaingang Cleaning System by Park Tools is an essential kit for maintaining the longevity of your bicycle's components. A dirty drivetrain can lead to inefficient shifting and unnecessary damage to pricy parts. To combat this, the Chaingang Cleaning System provides everything needed to efficiently and swiftly clean the chain, freewheel cogs, and chainrings.

This comprehensive set includes the CM-5.3 Cyclone™ Chain Scrubber, a tool designed specifically for a thorough and quick clean of the chain. To complement the scrubber, the GSC-1 GearClean™ Brush is also included ensuring that no grime is left unseen and uncleaned.

As part of the bundle, you'll also receive an 8oz. bottle of Bio ChainBrite™ - an organic and biodegradable degreaser. This solution will not only aid in the dislodging of accumulated dirt and grease but promises to leave your chain and components looking as pristine as they function.

This maintenance gear is incredibly user-friendly, making chores such as cleaning and lubricating your bike's drivetrain effortless and efficient while saving time and money on unnecessary repairs.

Watch the video below to get a comprehensive understanding of the functionality and ease of use this Park Tools kit provides.

Ensure your biking experience is always high-performance and seamless with the Park Tools CG24 Chaingang Cleaning System.

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