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Realplate React - Full Motion


The new 2021 Realplate React is the same as the Realplate React Stealth but instead of being fully painted is made from 18mm Birch Phenolic ply. What is Phenolic Ply? It's the same high-quality 18mm Birch ply we use everywhere else but with a factory-applied thin waterproof non-slip coating. The React adds an extra level of realism & comfort to your indoor training. The brand new 2021 model is here and not only accommodates lateral movement with an adjustable lean angle of 7.2 degrees but also 240mm of brand new fore/aft movement to really bring your indoor training to life.

The new full-length rocker system is built to an extremely high specification including a hardened carbon polished steel mechanism with adjustable inflatable bladders to manage the lean angles of the system. Other great touches include a spirit level, non-slip feet and non-slip surface, a spare ball a hand pump.

Each Realplate React comes fully assembled including the fittings for your trainer and with a 12 Month manufacturer guarantee (not including wear & tear).

The Realplate React is 930mm at its widest and 1750mm long and 86mm high. Compatible with Kickr Climb, Kickr bike and Wattbike Atom. Now available with a Elite Rizer attachment.


Turbo Rocks Realplate React Full Motion




Full Range Of Motion


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